Crossactiv 4 inch Ultra Low Profile Weightlifting Belt

$24.99 $15.99
  • The Crossactiv Ultra Low Profile belt is perfect and slim, ideal for WOD, Crossfit, Weightlifting, or pretty much any activity where you need back support
  • MAXIMISE YOUR PERFORMANCE – the 4 inch height and ultra low profile slim design gives you maximum support and comfort. It doesn’t interfere with your movements (or your clothes!) so you can maximise your workouts! Your wrists are protected with our ultra strong and comfortable wraps too!
  • PROTECT YOUR BACK, SPINE, AND ABS – using the belt will support your back and prevent extra flex in your spine, damage to your back muscles, and provide additional support your abs. You can do your squats, lifts, WODs, kettlebell workouts and much more.
  • LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE – the liftsystem has been designed to combine support and performance. The extra wide Velcro is more convenient and safer than a big buckle and you can adjust it to the exact size you need, rather than the closest buckle hole!

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