Crossactiv Chameleon Massage Stick

$34.99 $24.99
  • YOUR BODY ISN’T FLAT – SO WHY IS YOUR MASSAGE STICK? Our revolutionary Chameleon muscle roller stick is fully adjustable and changeable to the unique contours of YOUR muscles and YOUR body for the best myofascial release and muscle therapy
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE CONFIGURATIONS – you can rearrange the muscle roller massage balls on the stick however you want to target the trigger point areas you need to. Calf Roller, Foot massage, everything is possible. No more awkward angles! Create your own unique muscle roller massage stick tailored to YOUR BODY!
  • KIND TO YOUR BODY! The Wider gaps between the balls mean no more pinched skin or pulled body hair like other massage stick rollers! Enhance your muscle recovery and don’t hurt your skin after weightlifting, Crossfit, MMA, WOD, Powerlifting and strength training
  • UNIQUE RUBBERISED GRIPS. The Chameleon has a contoured rubber grip comfort and support, so you can focus on your massage, stimulate muscles and not worry about the discomfort on your hands. Makes a great alternative to foam rollers.
  • FREE QuickStart Guide will be sent to you on shipment on how to get started with the Chameleon!

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