Crossactiv Core Sliders Gliding Discs

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★ Crossactiv – you deserve better so you can perform better. We don’t cut corners and our customers know it. We could go on about all the great points about our Core Sliders, like how they are ultra slim, dual surface, provides abdominal workouts and core training.. But everyone says that right? Well here’s what Crossactiv’s sliders have that the others don’t!

★ Our sliders are NOT MADE IN CHINA. What we mean by that is they aren’t just clones which are mass produced – they’re are lovingly made in a factory we know, from the material itself to the finished article.

★ They have an ULTRA LOW PROFILE, so the sliders are light, smooth, and have effortless movement. You can train your core, abs, do WODs, crossfit, cardio workouts and not worry about hurting yourself!

★ They work on ANY SURFACE – we’ve designed them for real world use. You can use them on a gym surface, at home on a carpet, on hardwood or anything. We have provided a FREE MICROFIBRE CLOTH too, so that the dirt than can gather on them can be easily wiped away!

★ If you want a more comprehensive core solution, check out our CORESYSTEM too! Just click on the crossactiv name! Its sliders PLUS push up bars! Finally, as always, only we will give you the Crossactiv LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. It covers anything that goes wrong with the grips. Just reach out and we will replace it. PLUS if you buy two we will give you 10% off. Just sayin..

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