Crossactiv Supportsystem Wrist Wraps (Twin Pack)


¬†Crossactiv is all about creating products that will help you enhance your lifestyle with the minimal hassle. We could go on about all the great points about our TWIN PACK of wraps, like how they increase your performance, provide wrist support and stability, and protect you against injury.. But everyone says that right? Well here’s what Crossactiv Supportsystem wraps have that the others don’t!¬†Our TWIN PACK OF

WRAPS (yup, that’s 2 pairs!) are NOT MADE IN CHINA. And what we mean by that is our wraps aren’t just clones which are mass produced. Our wraps are lovingly made in a factory we know, from the yarn to the finished article. The 18 inches of wrap material has a very slight elasticity, so you can adjust the tension how you need it.

We have a DOUBLE STITCHED CONSTRUCTION, so wherever there is an anchor point, like where the thumb loop meets the wrap, or the Velcro meets the wrap, we have extra stitching so nothing comes apart. The Velcro is extra wide too so it creates a spine in the wrap which doesn’t bend or flex. They work great with AMRAP, weight training, lifting, WODs and Crossfit

They come with a FREE CARRYING POUCH, so you can carry your wraps in your bag without them getting sweaty, dirty, or without getting your other gym items covered in chalk from the wraps. PLUS if anyone asks to borrow them you can hide your wraps sneakily whilst distracting them with a burpee

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