Crossactiv Swann Massage Roller

$34.99 $19.99
  • Crossactiv – you deserve better so you can perform better. We don’t cut corners and our customers know it. The Swann Back Massage roller has been specially designed for myofascial release and is an ideal back massager and neck massager. You can finally self massage your own back and access those hard to reach neck, upper back muscles and between your shoulder blades.
  • The compact design means you can use it before workouts, running, weight lifting, kettlebell workouts, WODs, Crossfit or any other activity. Keeping muscles pliable is key to preventing injury and the buildup of knotted muscles. You can even keep it with you at work in a desk and use it when you need to!
  • The Swann features a unique curved ‘swan neck’ design, which curves around your shoulders, ribs or hips to provide access to your neck and back muscles. You can create your own unique motions that work for you!
  • The unique design of the massage roller ball promotes blood flow to the neck and back muscles, which generates oxygen and nutrients and helps aid in faster muscle recovery!
  • Finally, as always, only we will give you the Crossactiv LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. It covers anything that goes wrong with the roller. Just reach out and we will replace it. PLUS if you buy two we will give you 10% off!

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