3in1 Hydrasystem – 32 oz Bottle, Protein Shaker + Fruit Infuser

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The Crossactiv Hydrasystem 3in1 Water Bottle is designed to meet your body’s hydration lifestyle needs. You can enjoy water at work all day, then head to the gym or do your workout and you don’t need to fumble for another bottle! You can add fruit, herbs or green tea to the infuser chamber and have tasty vitamin flavored water. You can remove the infuser and add the ball to create a protein shaker!

Our infuser water bottle is unique on Amazon! Why? Well, only the 3in1 Hydrasystem is:

★ STYLISHLY DESIGNED – Our bottle is designed to be part of the Crossactiv range, not a clone like those others on the market.

★ VERSATILE – Remove the infuser basket whenever you wish to use the bottle on its own! Add the shaker ball to create a protein shaker!

★ DRINK HOLDER SIZED – Our water bottle is designed to easily fit right inside your car, vehicle, baby stroller or bike’s cup holder!

★ DURABLE & SUSTAINABLE – We make our bottle out of eco friendly and shatterproof Tritan plastic with two silicone seals.

★ EASY TO OPEN AND LEAKPROOF – Push a button to release the lid and then push to close. You don’t need to worry about spills, thanks to the securely locking cap with metal clip

★ NONTOXIC – Our water bottle is completely BPA free to protect your health.

★ GUARANTEED – Buy now and enjoy a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee!

Just two fills of this bottle will give you the recommended daily hydration you need! Live strong. Live healthy! ORDER TODAY

  • 3 IN 1 HYDRATION – The Hydrasystem is a 32oz fruit infuser, protein shaker and water bottle in one smart package. The versatile modular design means you have 3 bottles in one!
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR NEEDS – No more fumbling for extra bottles after a workout – enjoy healthy infused water during your training and then simply switch the inside to the protein ball and create your recovery shake! BPA free construction means no plastic aftertaste!
  • HIGH CAPACITY Our 32oz design ensures you have enough water for a trek, cycling trip or a long workout – no more waiting around the water cooler!
  • FREE CARRY CASE – The included bottle pouch gives convenience when you are carrying bags and your hands are full. Our silicone sealed flip top locking lid ensures you stay dry. NO leaks of your fruit infused water or protein shake on your WOD crossfit, Yoga, Cycling or outdoor activities
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Each bottle comes with a lifetime replacement warranty and discounts on our other products!

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